Is it safe to handle a snake with bare hands?

Is it safe to handle a snake with bare hands?
There are many possibilities for grabbing a snake with a bare hand, as there are many movies or videos which shows this aspect of catching snakes too. Snakes that are not poisonous or hazardous to life can be caught in the hands rather than those snakes which are venomous. Follow these instructions while holding a snake with bare hand:

  • Make sure that the snake to be held in the bare hand is of small size. Holding large snakes can be dangerous as they are unhygienic in nature.
  • Snakes are always dangerous so always hold them with full concentration.
  • Try to catch them in a humane way as they are real animals not toys. This will not make them scared at all.
  • Always try to hold the snake with the thumb and forefinger by placing the jaws of the snake in between.
  • Ensure that you do not hold the snake hardly rather firmly from its head.
If the snake is held in the bare hands and it bites you, then its belter to take the following steps:
  • If the non-venom snake bites, wash the hand with ample amount of water and soap.
  • Visiting the medical office will help in reducing the pain suffered from the snake bite.
When starting to hold the snake with bare hands, always begin with the wrist or small sized snakes as this will result in better gripping on the snakes. However, if you are not an expert in handling snakes then you should call the expert to handle this situation. On the other hand if you are scared of handling the snakes with are hands then try holding them with a hook so that they do not crawl onto your hands and you are not at all scared of this act.

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